Fulton County Remembrance Coalition

Filling the jars during the Palmetto Massacre Soil Collection Ceremony on April 13, 2019. Photo by Reyhahn Granger.

The Fulton County Remembrance Coalition has partnered with the Equal Justice Initiative to engage our community in a process of healing and reconciliation with our history of racial terrorism through EJI’s Community Remembrance Project. 

We are committed to collecting soil at the sites of Fulton County’s 36 documented racial terror lynchings, erecting historical markers, claiming our county’s monument from the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, and fostering a lasting dialogue founded on truth and justice.

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From our March 2023 Newsletter
It has been an honor to serve as the Fulton County Remembrance Coalition liaison for the last four years. I am unbelievably proud of the work that has been done, and forever grateful for the support received and connections made. It is time for me to step back as the liaison and focus on law school and my work in restorative justice. I look forward to remaining involved in a more limited capacity and I am certain that the coalition will go on to make meaningful and positive change in Fulton County by remembering and confronting the history of racial terror. 
I am pleased to share that Ann Hill Bond will now serve as the liaison. Ann is passionate about and dedicated to this work. She has been a powerful steward of narratives of injustice and voices of the Black community. Ann will now be in receipt of emails to fultonremembrance@gmail.com. Please look out for updates regarding future meetings and marker projects in the coming days and weeks.
Additionally, as the group in North Fulton will to engage the narrative of Mack Henry Brown as a part of FCRC, they have also decided to form a new coalition that is centered around continued remembrance efforts in North Fulton. Erika Barnes Ford and James Brown will serve as the liaisons for this group. More information is forthcoming from them. 
Thank you all for your participation in this project, your flexibility as we navigated through the pandemic, and your support at events, soil collection ceremonies, and marker installations!
In solidarity,Allison Bantimba